Buried Angel

Some see perfection but I see selfish when I look upon myself “how could I be so selfless” I gave everything to everyone and still, I’m no angel. My tears aren’t angelic enough to rain down on the world and wash away it’s sins, still I cry because I hope my pain is strong enough to cause a roar that cannot be ignored. I don’t want the glory for the wrong reasons but I do believe in karma for all the right intentions and I know I’m causing tension between me and the divine instruments but I found hope when god lost his faith in the kindness in the good will of men. He doesn’t seem to know that every intention isn’t meant to be followed with sin but we make it hard when we get caught doing it over and over again. Blaming everyone but our own reflection but it’s your reflection with you when the lights are gone and the smiles fade. It’s my reflection holding me accountable for the mistakes and missteps that I chose to take, I see myself as I break apart everything that drives me in the hopes of making something lethal something that no one can connect with. But it was my reflection who became a million pieces with no hope of ever becoming whole so why should I ask if god is holding a special home for me in the center of his kingdom in the clouds if his little angel has fallen beneath the ground and forgotten the true sounds of honest truth. Don’t send for me, set your search team at ease and don’t worry about calling for I’ve accepted being alone but when I’m ready I’ll find you whether my eyes are blindfolded, my wings are bonded or my bones are striped bare until it’s broken and buried.

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