Yin and Yang (Peace&Pain)

I don’t know right from wrong

But I do know good from evil

And I hope that deep inside me

You can see my good and evil living in perfect harmony

Playing together on the top of the hill side

Just as Dr. King dreamt it

Two halves of a whole or just complete opposites being completely synchronized

There won’t be no emotional sense of genocide

Because all that lies inside

Is my unresolved insecurities and my enormous pride


8 thoughts on “Yin and Yang (Peace&Pain)

  1. Yes, I don’t like the changes at all, you can’t jam with the people you want and you don’t control who is in your circles as before.. I wish I could know a similar app but…you know, simple , as HaikuJam was before.šŸ˜„ Anyways, You was missed there lol šŸ™‡


      1. I’ve been ok thanks, enjoying the cold here in England šŸ˜Ø I miss the sun in Spain. I’m Cristina lol, nice to meet you, hope you too have been good.I enjoy reading you…don’t stop doing it please šŸ˜„

        Liked by 1 person

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