Not Around

Before you go will you tell me your  secrets for I can hold them until the end of time. Before you go can you tell me your dreams so that I can dream of a day to see you in the future and ask you, have they came true. Before you leave can you promise me that I won’t drift so far deep into your memories that you’ll forget the smallest details of me. I’ll lock and secure all of your insecurities in my security black box behind my broken heart and promise to keep it a secret like a drunken kiss. One last thing before you go I’m going to need you to forget my existence, promise to erase all the writing I painfully painted on the walls of your heart. I’m sorry for my emotions that I never seem to show but always find ways to scribe down whenever you aren’t around. I want you to hate me for all of those reasons and more, hate me for not saving everyone around me and not being able to set myself free.


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