Paranormal Dreaming

Im chasing the devil doing 95 on the freeway
Because I figure its faster to hell if I tailgate
Catch up only to find out he wants me to wake up and shoot for the stars
Not to chase dreams
But chase realities
Trying to convince him when I die in reality I want to wake up in my dreams
Next to everyone I lost and still holding the ones who I can feel hold me close
He says it’s possible but it comes with karma
While others have nightmares or bad days mines are combine in one
Just as two lovers with unworldly passion
Can’t explain living between dreams and reality
Quickly find myself talking with self discussing my happiness and misery
Experiencing life in a strange manor
Because the devil became my mortal’s master
Praying before I sleep I try to remember the dream I just had but right before he answers something awakes me


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