I lie awake past my curfew as my dreams take over reality……. She told me my words are charming, that each one of my letters fit together tighter than tying twine and edged better than a perfect hand knitted cotton sweater. But all the words in the world won’t bring us together the way I want us to be, she didn’t hesitate when she told me she could never be with a person like me. Someone who she could see that’s drowning in their own thoughts because they bottled up all their unsaid words and ideas. She saw me for the helpless swimmer as I was, I fell below my foundation desparelty tryig to stay above the surface suddenly our eyes met then she gave a long thoughtful blink then threw a raft to help me fight against my demise. “No one deserve to die alone” she said as she explained how she can no longer continue to save lives whom in which aren’t sure with what they are doing with their living. She explained that saving me was an act of mercy and not kindness “I saved too many people from themselves and think it’s time to work on myself” articulating all the emotions she has on the subject of love and how her attempts to obtain it always fell short of her personal needs. The sky started to melt bringing the universe to it’s knees, the water where I thought to lose my fate started to boil then stream up into the fallen universe creating an artistic abtract painting of molecules, everything that was once solid deterailized into particles joining the beautiful mixture of colors that were slowly being devoured. My dream world was fading into darkness , the timeless conversation was ending and I realized I’m not going to get to ask the question I was hiding, I might not ever get to get this weight off my shoulder. As I go to speak I look down and see my body dynamically flying away with the wind like a buring sheet of paper casting me into the realem of dreams. Quickly looking for the person who can answer my questions but the wind has her already she belongs to the wild of the night slumber, im left alone surviving on my will to survive, thriving to outlast the dying landscape that holds my memories.

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