The hardest thing to remember is how simple everything used to be

Before genuine smiles turned into sinister grins in the mirror

How everyone seemed to tell the truth and bad guys had no choice but to lose

How I use to run through the fields with the wind in my face and my shadow desperately trying to catch a hold of my heels

The way I used to feel when I starred into the night  looking at the bright lights thinking “magic at it’s brightest”

Now there’s a thick fog wall blocking me from it all

Showing what life really is

The happy times aren’t so bliss and the maddess is coming in a chaotic blitz

I saw the smoldering fog easily topple mountains and terrorize kids but it dared not to chase be because I’d run jump and spin until the fog is becomes a light mist

I now remember after the longest night or coldest storm the sun always wins

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