The Colletor

Sleepless full moon dreams
Waking before the reaper can catch me
As I fight the waves from bringing me down under the tides

Sleep tight half moon slumber
I seen him rise from once laid
But the ground refuse to let him go

I lie awake while laying on the crescent
Cutting through the haze of my dreams
As I interpret stories from the stars

I can no longer see your signature hole in the night
Running astray far from existence
As I proudly collect every planet in my path as I search for peace



The interchangeable moon sank into the navy crystalline orbit.


The nights come and go, some nights are longer than others but eventually they will leave. Always promising to come back with something new varying from a silver smooth edge glass coin to a diamond encrusted hook. Faithfully fulfilling the perfect fairytale I dwell too far into my thoughts and think of a not so fluffy fantasy where I lose sight. I wrote this fearing of the moon counting down it’s nights as life slips away.

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