Time Lapse

Back before time was a label, where time was yet to be a concept, back when the fall of the sun meant going inside before the creatures of the dark engulfed your soul. I can’t remember a time so far back but I can ask my ancestors for their oldest tale of a faraway land where time was still and gravity was magic. A place where the greatest portrait was a genuine smile without deception and staring into fear was only defeating your water reflection. I slowly watched as time quickly aged my memories and undid all the mistakes that later turned out to be lessons guiding me through the sandstorms of time. Traveled acres across the blistering heat of the desert floor just to take a peak inside the invincible hour glass, hoping the hands of time would catch every grain of sand falling from my feeble memories. I know seconds, minutes and millenniums waits for anyone but I heard a story of a special piece land stuck in time, a place invisible to those who don’t believe and lack the enchantments of life.

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