Gifts are given, blessings are sent and karma is earned
A small human fighting his fate from being a higher being
Hiding in old wounds
Deceiving wise shadows
Holding back dark virtues
Avoiding the blinding light
Chasing the cycle of time
Hoping to outrun the speed of light and sound
Planing to escape the grip of the dark master before his efforts to slip through the shadows are recognized
But the king of shadows tighten it’s grip to drag the unnamed hero into a realem of darkness
His only gift is to see but not change his wrongs
He has no power over no objects
He has no control over any elements
He can’t bend space or time
He is only known to know himself
Inside and out he is aware of the smallest details of himself
Still somehow this being knows something no one else knows
Studying the aliens or the outsiders around him that forbid to let him in
Now the unnamed hero realize the power he has over himself and the ability to control the world around him
His jumps has now become large leaps into the sky

 Sometimes I have a hard time living in the moment, more times than often I let the moment pass or just hold back because I think that I know what is on the other side of the fence. Scary, I learnt it’s not so scary seeing the outcome of my natural actions, seeing the results of the steps I take on this path but there’s still a since of wrong and right. You just can’t do what you want, how you want, when you want because if you lived long enough to know anything you’ll know nothing comes without a cost. There will always be someone benifitting, hurting, doughting, or even weeping from the very thing you had no intention on anyone else seeing or hearing. I act as if the world is watching and I move as if I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders but in all realness im doing me for me and mines.

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