Ominous Storm

The clouds are clear and the sun is smiling
The clouds get insecure and now the sun is no longer smirking
The clouds become overwhelmed with emotions and start to cry
The clouds are now angry, they spread darkness throughout the sky
The wind doesn’t know what to do, so it sing a song of softness
The wind’s timid whistle couldn’t be heard through the cloud’s stubbornness
The wind decide to roar for it can blow away all of the cloud’s tears
The ground see the ferocious winds slicing through the clouds and tremble in fear
The ground tries to find a solution by opening up to it’s friend above
The ocean has felt and seen enough and chooses to give the ground a giant shove
The ocean cleansed everything on the ground floor
The sun sees the results of its smile and doesn’t decide to cease smiling but chooses to smile bigger, to spread it’s shine and end the chaos

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