Familiar voices echo off these lonely walls as I stand alone listening to the disoriented sound waves crackle through the air. They slowly weep for me,they sing their lovely lullabies and speak softly to me. This quite and low maintenance alley insist that I stay alone but my eyes continue to see shadows who isn’t there, seeing doorknobs and pathways that can’t be. I’m never really alone, even in this dim light alley way between two main streets at 1am Im sure someone is watching me. Not judging or guiding just watching to see which route will become of me, keeping thier distance but staying close enough to make sure they won’t fall too behind in history. Foward I go as I try to get higher while foundling around in my pockets looking for my mini lighter to spark the earths produce and inhale the stories that are embedded the land. The world around me no longer exist it’s just me and these rotten century aged walls which seem to lead no where but some how they’re closing in on me. These trends need a new leaders, thier advertisements need fresh faces, the fashion needs to breathe unmatchable confidence for everyone can see. Funny how you would do things if you were me but I won’t take part in the things that have no meaning, I wont give in or implode when the walls collapse and cave in around me. Im only here to spread my positivity maybe learn a some new tricks on the way but don’t be fooled I’m not here to stay. These tall building don’t have a clue on what’s going on outside of their walls because inside they are controlling their own universe with charts and statistics and bringing others down without fear of any consequences. Im only here to fit in where I don’t belong because I’m an outsider where I’m from. I’ve been so consumed with peeling back the layers of the unseen world i’ve been blind to the things right in front of me, searching for the things can be and overlooking the path paved for me. I was caught up trying to grasp unrealistic tittles I forgot the bond I made with myself when I was alone now it’s just me standing here breaking down life on these cobblestone streets.

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