Answers & Questions

The night before tonight I dreamt of me floating above a holy ground with nothing nor no one around to watch me fly or to even know of my existence. Not only was I floating above this ground, I was moving forward at a rapid pace almost as if I was running my fastest away from something. The further I went the more I realized this could never end and I could grow old flying no where fast and alone. With no one or nothing around I had to look within and find answers, I gently closed my eyes to block out the smallest source of any distraction and when I finally opened them my answer was here. Down below me or simply right across from me I saw a dark figure shaped exactly as me and seemed to mimic my exact movements. My shadow has been here with me all this time and from the looks of it he’s just as scared as I am, all this time we’ve been alone but together at the same time. Unification between us didn’t come easy because with dark you must carry light and he was my complete opposite, having both required balance of your mental and physical being or your life would constantly be unbalance and unstable. I won’t say what brought us together to become one but I will say once we were united we changed the direction we were going in and before I knew it the ground I was flying over, was no longer there. I looked down and didn’t see my shadow anymore, I was now looking at a reflection of myself on the surface of a body of water who in which seemed to go on forever. The water was so pure and clear I could see right through the surface and see what lies beneath it, which meant I could also see into the reflection of myself. I saw my fears was only illusions my mind made about the things I was unsure about and success was only a thought away. I saw my black and white combine to make a world defined by different shades of grey but my imagination carefully painted the trees full of life and detailed every fallen soul for the stars in the night sky. I detailed every inch of the far deep depths of the mysterious cimmerian galaxy and made my of nightmares of burning skies and rampiked trees apart of my mind made reality. I had everything I needed to be happy and possessed everything I need for my demise, the only thing holding me back was the chains and chambers I held myself in when I told myself I wasn’t good enough to be the greatest.

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