Creation Myth

A time so far back where time didn’t even exist as a matter of fact the cosmos was a blank sheet of paper. Then everything changed when the homely cosmos developed a black tear in it, causing all types of dark energy to escape into the ether. Having the negative energy ooze out, the cosmos had to use its positive light energy to try and destroy the negative but when the two energies collided it created large masses of rock called planets, the positive energy even forged small masses of light called stars to chase away the darkness. Soon the positive and negative energy became self proclaimed gods, Paramono took the name of positive energy and Nerio became the negative’s name. Nerio once made an enormous ball of incredible dark energy and planned to destroy Paramono with but Paramono quickly learned of his plan and covered Nerio’s energy ball in his own, but this time it didn’t make just any regular planet. This planet was different the inside of the planet was hot, Nerio’s energy was too strong to be cooled down so Paramono added oceans of cool water to make sure the planet would never be burned to ashes. Paramono and Nerio started to go back and forth trying to make this planet their own. Nerio added a sun to burn the surface of this planet but Paramono created a moon and made the planet spin so the surface couldn’t get too hot in one spot. Nerio made fire but Paranomo placed clouds in the sky and filled them with water for they can be ready to douse any flame, Paramono had a counter for almost everyone of Nerio’s actions but then Nerio played his ultimate card and made something called human beings. Paranomo finally thought his opposition had done something good with his powers by creating life so innocent, pure and weak, but in actuality he made humans cruel, selfish, and greedy. He created hate and inequality amongst them. They started wars, imprisoned themselves, killed, raped, abused, starved, and even enslave each other. Paramono tired to make animals to try to kill and terrorize the humans but they were too smart and eventually found ways to lock animals in cages and found ways to use them for their personal gain like food, clothes or pets. Paramono made harsh weather to bring the humans to extinction but the humans made shelter to protect them from the outside elements. Paramono was all out of ideas he thought Nerio had finally won and knew the planet would be doomed as long as the humans were still on it, but that’s when he had his ultimate idea. If you can’t beat him join him, is what Paramono thought. Paramono made his own humans. They looked, smelled and sound the same as Nerio’s humans but he they didn’t think the same. They had nothing but good intentions for their planet and even came up with a name for it, they called it planet Earth and they believed in not doing anything to harm the earth but little did Paramono know that he started a never ending war between good and evil.

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