First blog post by K.C

When I’m alone my thoughts keep me company, the little voices keep me sane they tell me things I never heard before. Those voices sometimes scare me to a point where I search for voices from the outside world and find nothing in comparison. I’m not crazy, I just my lost sanity, I know I’m not crazy, I knew what I know before I had a chance to learn it and I saw things my mind could never understand so don’t tell me I’m crazy. There’s no one else in this room there’s no one talking to you, these objects aren’t talking to you they don’t have voices. Could these same voices carry answers that my ancestors hid in the bloodline of memories to ensure the survival of our royal consciousness to withstand the sands of time. Could these voices be mines. I’ll write these sounds and lessons until I unravel what’s hiding behind my family’s secret message.


Don’t forget or bury your roots

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